Outlive Your Troubles

My dad who is 90, responded to my lament over how busy life is, with these words: "Ah, don't worry. If you stick around as long as I have you'll outlive most of it."

That awareness helps put the pressing details of my life in perspective. What will really be important in, say, 40 years from now? I can think of a few things. But the rest, like him, I will mostly have outlived. That's the good news.

I'm reminded that the way things are today, is not the way they will always be. The raw truth is that he simply doesn't have the option of the busyness I choose. He isn't even able to do the little things--like finding the bottle marked "soy sauce" in the frig. He knows it's a brown bottle. Is it A1 or Kahlua that he will pour on his rice?

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