Facebook or Blog?

So...I've decided to blog. More. I really do enjoy Facebook, but mostly to keep up with what all my friends are doing. As a writer, I find the space given for posts on our beloved FB, to be more of an irritant than an invitation.

Seriously? Can you really post a thought of any substance in that microscopic space? Maybe because Zuckerburg--whose story is getting a flood of press right now--apparently thinks in html and binary code, it's possible. But for those of us who communicate in--and love--actual words, it is challenging.

Of course, if your read my post a few days ago you know that I quipped, "Often, the best thing to say is nothing." Whatever. That's the problem with putting things in writing. What happens if in a couple days you change your mind, and have something you think is worth saying? Ah! I guess you write that, "Voila! I've changed mind."

See why I love words? None of this would have fit in that tiny little "one-hundred-and- something-characters" space.  So I've decided to blog.

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