Slow Start

I'm inspired. On one of my favorite blogs, Encouraging Words for Writers, Bonita assures her readers that their writing, like a fingerprint, is supposed to be unique, unlike anyone else's; that there isn't one right way to speak. Now that's a piece of work for one whose default behavior is compliance!

In December I mused what I might  say if I wasn't afraid of my own voice. I confessed my fear. It's just that it makes one I operate from the perspective that words matter; that they actually mean something concrete. To put them into the blogosphere means something as well and it's daunting to do so.
But what if I change my mind? Then I guess I say that.
What if I'm wrong? Then I say "I was wrong." (That was painful.)

Now it's May, almost June, and I'm back following six months of "what ifs."
Admittedly, it's a [very] slow start, but start, by definition, is progress, yes?
So here goes...

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