Never Give Up

This stuffed turtle reclines on the top of my piano where each music student can see the words "NEVER GIVE UP" in bold print across its exposed underbelly.

But what if our environment and resources prevent us from experiencing some
desired element of wholeness? Is hope meaningless, effort futile?

A realistic appraisal will reveal that everyone is limited in some way, some time; that's life. Even after adjusting our definition of wholeness, re-evaluating what equals success, identifying some obstacles, we may still encounter feelings of discouragement or hopelessness.

I know a busy young mom who stops on the stairs at home to do a few modified pushups each time she has to go up. Sure, it's not the same as going to the gym, but it's a small contribution to caring for her body. She says it helps her feel a little better. (And it's a guarantee she's ready for sleeveless summer dresses before her counterpart next door who goes up and down her stairs without dropping for four or five of her own!)

There are small choices each of us can make to move us toward a preferred outcome. Remember that two units starting from the exact same point and moving in the same direction, but one of them even the slighest degree from straight, will eventually be separated by hundreds of miles.

Even when the differences between what was and what is are imperceptible, be patient.
You will be rewarded, perhaps not in every way or simultaneously, but inevitably and over time.
You can make a difference with even the smallest change if you NEVER GIVE UP.

And on a related note, we just celebrated our 36th anniversary.

(By the way, mid-course corrections are not the same as giving up, which is a subject for another time, also related to anniversaries--but I digress...)

One small choice that changes: Smile. No really. Some claim that the way it moves the muscles in the face can actually result in decreased discomfort! Why not try it...has worked for me on occasion.


Recovering Church Lady said...

Great post and than for coming by my blog. Course corrections are vital aren't they? I am in the middle of one and it's a doozy! I have days of feeling like an epic fail to days where anything is possible. Thankfully the hope filled days are more common!

LadyG said...

May you have many days filled with Hope. Thanks for the visit. I am enjoying reading your posts.