Better Than You Think - (Week 1b)

Week 1b: Think about the body's amazing ability to heal; consider things from which you and others have recovered.

I saw the physical therapist today for a shoulder that has ceased to operate like one. Still lying in bed, just that first morning stretch sends me into a pain-induced state of shock which is no way to start the day! And it's downhill from

When you live with something chronically wrong, it can begin to seem that everything is worse than it probably is. I was not expecting good news...optimist that I've I was delighted to hear that I could probably be fixed in 12 visits or less. "We assume that you want this to work so that you will do what we suggest between visits." Uh, yeah. Yes. Yes, I do. I feel my resolve harden.

Phrases like "adaptive shortening of the muscle" and "cumulative effects of a sedentary lifestyle" revealed the truth. Something I swore would never be true of me apparently is. Aargh. The better news is that with minor but regular modifications to my routine (read MOVE), all should be well.

After measuring and marking, twisting and bending, poking and pulling, she determined that indeed, I am better than I thought. Take heart. I'll bet you are too.

Now, instead of sitting here at the computer any longer, perhaps you should stand up right now and stretch...I'm just sayin... Me? I'm going to walk into the living room and stretch while watching the rest of a movie with my family.

What action could you take this second that would put you closer to wellness than you were just a moment ago?
Drink a glass of water? Touch your toes? Close your eyes and breathe? Think a grateful thought? Smile? Or...on and on.

:) Ciao.

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