Fall's Friday Frenzy

Even if you're not going to school yourself, or have kids who are navigating the delicate re-entry into the educational atmosphere, it's hard not to be affected by the energy surrounding it all. In spite of my good intentions, it seems that sitting down to write gets pushed to the side. (Okay. I confess. It's more likely web-induced ADD.)
In any case, the 8-week program continues. I've managed to...

...get the salmon in
...broccoli and breathing, too.
...walking is delightful but it is a discipline to stop what I'm doing and actually get out the door.
...2-4000mg of vitamin C is all I've been able to fit in. (Seems like I'm taking a supplement every time I turn around; I'm looking into ways to simplify that.)
And the latest surprise? I've found a delightful organic family-run farm just blocks from my house. They sell flowers as well as produce--the perfect living thing to bring inside. Of course, earwigs love gladiolas so some of the "living things" have to stay outside...thank you very much!
Even in the middle of the frenzied feel, I am detemined to pursue a sense of well-being. In fact, entering these last moments joyfully and fully present is key to experiencing them well.

How are you tending to your well-being in the middle of fall's frenzy?

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