Who doesn't love winning? And when it's stuff you love, even better! Check out this stuff I won that I also happen to love, which is different than that random white elephant you got for being one of the first people through the door at the used mattress sale: (eeew!)

 From All you have to do is read and write a review. If you have a passion for books as I do, and like to write, it's a great way to grow your library for no cash and a lot of pleasure! Thanks, Donovan, for pointing me in this direction. posted a giveaway. I clicked on and left a comment to enter. That simple. The bracelet and bead came together in this giveaway, though they're sold separately. Check out their really nice products at

And with just a little clicking around, I found this little gem at She asked for title submissions, I made one off the cuff, and to my surprise and delight, Boom! I won this stunning canvas print. Thanks again to Gabrielle at for sleuthing out the good stuff. Go ahead and dive in. Who knows what you might come up with!
Where are your favorite places to dig for treasure...or are you keeping it a secret? :) 


Recovering Church Lady said...

Yay for you! Isn't it the funnest thing to win stuff? Especially if they come in the mail!! Congrats!

LadyG said...

Thanks, Recovering. I can't wait to actually have them in hand. Fun stuff.